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Top Security Advice To Stay Safe In Columbus, OH

Did you know that Columbus, OH has one of the highest crime rates in America? Recent studies show that Columbus annual crime rates are increasing: there are more than 36,000 property crimes per year! Even though this can be frightening to think about, you are far from powerless when it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones. Here we provide you some top advice to succeed in this important task! We recommend you to take note of these important details.

The right locks for your door

The importance of a high security lock can hardly be overlooked. How secure are your locks? Many people do not realize that standard locks are practically useless against burglary. Those cheap, run-of-the-mill locks you purchase at the hardware store are very easy to pick – your average criminal can open one in minutes. But do not worry! You can get ahead of burglars by getting the best locks on the market. Ask a locksmith to recommend a certified high security lock. Medeco and Mul-T-Lock, among others, are top brands to look out for.

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Choosing a strong door for your house

The strength of the doors of your home is a matter of important consideration. One of the most straightforward measures you can take is to make sure the door itself is solid and will put up resistance to being kicked in. There are other important details to take into account as well. Doors with windows are aesthetically nice, and provide natural sunlight, but for security matters they should also be avoided. Nevertheless, if you absolutely must have them, it is strongly advised that you use reinforced glass and metal bars or a security grille. This instruction also applies for any windows within reach of the door lock. These precautions can save you from a huge headache in the near future!

Keeping track of your keys

This is a very important issue. Sometimes we have many copies of our keys, or we can lose a copy of them. It is a very common but annoying nuisance: researchers have found that, on average, a person misplaces nine items a day. Therefore, if you are not sure where all copies of your house keys are, if you have lost a copy or if you have ever lent them to someone who might have made copies without your knowledge, you should definitely get your locks changed! You never know if they might end up in the wrong hands. Professional consultation: Qualifications of your locksmith of choice This is a crucial point that is sometimes overlooked, but it is of utmost importance. When you are considering a locksmith or locksmith company, check out their credentials, ask for references and look for reviews online. You are giving this person access to your locks and your home, so only hire a real professional that you can trust.

Getting trustworthy professional assistance

Even though consulting with a locksmith in Columbus costs money, it will not only save you a fortune at the right time, but most importantly, it will give you the peace of mind that you and your loved ones deserve. A professional locksmith is the best person to help with your security choices. And remember, just because there is currently a lot of crime in Columbus, that does not mean you and your family have to be victims of it. Good home security can make all the difference!

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